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B.Com LL.B

Bharat Mata School of Legal Studies, also offers a double degree programme which consists of BCOM and LLB (Hons). B.Com. LL.B (Hons.) course has been approved by Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam and the Bar Council of India. B.Com. LL.B. (Hons.) is also a five year integrated law programme. In addition, BSOLS intends to take care of the overall development of the student so as to enable them to explore vist as of opportunities that lie ahead. The courses are specifically designed keeping in mind the latest development in the field of law and corporate world.


1st Semester

F.C.1 General English-1

F.C.2 Modern Banking

F.C.3 Business Management

F.C.4. Business Statistics

F.L.1. Law of Torts

F.L.2. Legal and Constitutional History of India

2nd Semester

F.C.5 General English-2

F.C.6 Entrepreneurship Development and Project Management

F.C.7 Perspectives and Methodology of Business Studies

F.C.8. Business Communication and Management Information System

F.L.3. Civil Society and Public Grievance

F.L.4. Law of Contract 1

3rd Semester

F.C.9/10 Malayalam/Hindi 1

F.C.11 General English 3

F.C.12 Marketing Management

F.C.5. Law of Crimes-IPC

F.L.6. Family Law 1

F.L.7. Law of Contract 2

4th Semester

F.C.13/14 Malayalam 2/Hindi 2

F.C.15 General English 4

F.C.16 Financial Accounting

F.C.8. Family Law 2

F.L.9. Cyber Law

F.L.10. Women and Law

5th Semester

F.C.17/18 Malayalam 3/Hindi 3

F.C.19 Capital Market

F.L.11 Human Rights Law

F.L.12. Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act 1

F.L.13. Constitution Law-1

F.L.14. Banking Law and Negotiable Instruments

6th Semester

F.C.20 Cost Accounting

F.C.21/22 Malayalam 4/Hindi 4

F.L.15 Labour and Industrial Law 1

F.L.16. Constitutional Law 2

F.L.17. Jurisprudence

F.L.18. Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act 2

7th Semester

F.C.23 Corporate Accounting

F.L.19 Law of Crimes 2

F.L.20 Property Law 1

F.L.21. Labour and Industrial Law 2

F.L.22. Environment Law

F.L.23. Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting System

8th Semester

Practical Auditing

Public International Law

Land Law

Property Law 2

Insurance Law

Alternative Dispute Resolution

9th Semester

Law of Evidence

Maritime Law

Administrative Law

Law of Taxation

International Trade Law

Drafting,Pleading and Conveyancing

10th Semester

Interpretation of Statues

Private International Law

Company Law

Intellectual Property Law

Media and Law

Moot Court Exercise and Internship